GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions relevant to machine learning and data science, that you can use to automate tasks. These are free to use and are open source.

Great Expectations - CI/CD For Data Pipelines

Validate the integrity of your data and the health of your data pipelines.

Dockerize GitHub repositories automatically as a Jupyter Server

Automatically Dockerize GitHub repos and serve their contents with the appropriate dependencies with Jupyter or R-Markdown. Can optionally be used in a complimentary way with

Submit Argo Workflows To GKE

Instantiate machine learning pipelines using Argo on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Submit Argo Workflows on K8s (Cloud agnostic)

Instantiate machine learning pipelines using Argo on any Kubernetes cluster. This action is cloud agnostic.

Fetch metrics from Weights & Biases

Retrieve model metrics and metadata from Weights & Biases. You can use this for automated testing and reporting in pull requests.

Compile, deploy and run Kubeflow pipelines

Launch Kubeflow pipelines on Google Cloud.

Create Azure ML Workspace

Creates an Azure Machine Learning workspace.

Manage Azure Compute Resources

Create, destroy and modify Azure compute resources.

Azure ML Run Jobs

Run a training job, experiment or pipeline on Azure.

Azure ML Register Models

Register a model on Azure Machine Learning.

Azure ML Deploy Models

Deploy a model to AKS or ACI for inference.